IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari: Our ammunition alone could not have ignited a fire of this magnitude

Hagari. IDF spokesmen
Sunday night, the Israel Airforce (IAF) attacked significant terrorist targets in Rafah, including senior officials in Hamas, who are currently directing and have in the past directed attacks by Hamas operatives based in Judea and Samaria, including the murder of MK Limor Son Har-Melech's husband. The airstrike was carried out based on intelligence regarding the terrorists' presence at the location, using precise weaponry and adhering to the international laws of war.

In this column, we will continue to keep you updated regarding misinformation that is spread in the international media and other forums about Israel and empower you with the true facts.

Fiction: Israel intentionally targeted tents of Gazan civilians in Rafah causing the death of 45 people including women and children in the Tal al-Sultan area on Sunday evening.

Facts: Hagari said in a press conference in English this evening (Tuesday) that before the attack, many steps were taken to reduce the chance of harming civilians: using precision weaponry and the minimal level of explosives, only 17 kilos, verifying that the area was 1.7 kilometers outside of the declared Humanitarian area and 200 meters from any civilians who had chosen to remain in the area.

After the initial explosion caused by the IAF, it seems there was a secondary explosion that caused a fire to spread in the tents of refugees 200 meters away.

Israel was able to obtain a telephone conversation between two Gazans talking about a secondary explosion caused by the explosion of their own weapons, and videos posted by Gazans on social media also confirm there was a secondary explosion.

Hagari says while it is unclear what the cause of the secondary explosion was, it is highly likely that Hamas had a stockpile of weapons nearby that exploded as an unexpected result of the IAF attack. Hamas continues to use civilians as human shields. Of course, Hagari emphasized this does not make this situation less tragic. The IDF will continue to operate according to the highest level of ethics.

Leah Bowman is a licensed guide in Israel and is completing an MA in Religion and Politics in the Middle East at Bar Ilan University.

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