Actor Michael Douglas: “We are happy to be here to support Israel”

Photo credit: Kobi Gidon, Government Press Office
President Yitzhak Herzog and his wife Michal hosted Hollywood actor Michael Douglas yesterday (Sunday), who came on a solidarity visit to Israel.

During their meeting, the president of the country and his wife presented Douglas with the yellow ribbon pin along with the tag intended to support the return of the hostages and identification with their families.

The president thanked Douglas for his visit and said: “This war was waged against us in the most brutal way possible – Hamas terrorists burned, raped and kidnapped innocent citizens. Citizens who always believed in peace and coexistence. And the tragedy continues, and the suffering continues.”

He added: “I’m shocked by the hypocrisy I’ve seen, by the academic world that doesn’t understand the difference between good and bad… Israel does so much good in the world in so many areas. People are simply wrong, they don’t know what the real story of the existence of the Jewish people is. They have no idea that in this nation, we have twenty percent Muslims and Christians who live together and are equal citizens. Some of them were massacred and killed on October 7, or in the battle. And they have no idea about our democracy, about the rule of law or the fact that we reach out for peace, but we cannot accept terrorism under any circumstances. This is the real story. You saw it yourself.”

Photo credit: Kobi Gidon, Government Press Office

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