Biden vs. Trump: Uproar after the dramatic televised showdown

Opinion poll following 2024 debate, wikipedia
In the televised confrontation held last night (Thursday) between Trump and Biden, the current president appeared tired and caused doubts even among his devout supporters about his fitness to serve as president.

In the televised debate held last night (Thursday), Biden looked tired, was hoarse, stammered and mumbled, and in general radiated instability that failed to calm concerns about his age and cognitive function. Trump, on the other hand, demonstrated great confidence, sharp eloquence, and mastery of messages.

Polls conducted after the showdown showed that Trump won by a wide margin. A CNN poll found that 67% of viewers thought Trump won the showdown, compared to only 33% who chose Biden. On the question “Do you trust the candidate to lead the country”, only 14% are “very confident” that Biden is capable. 29% partially trust him to lead the country and 57% do not trust him at all. For Trump, the figures were better – 36% are “very confident” that he is capable, 20% partially and 44% do not trust him at all.

According to reports in the US, the Democratic Party is talking about the possibility of replacing President Biden as the Democratic candidate in the elections. In The New York Times it was written that even Democrats who have so far defended the President against anyone who came out against him, are speaking with a different voice this morning (Friday).
The confrontation was conducted in a tense atmosphere, when the two candidates attacked each other personally. Biden called Trump a “liar” and a “loser,” while Trump mocked Biden’s age and cognitive ability, calling him a “bad Palestinian.”

Trump attacked Biden on many issues, including the economy, foreign policy, immigration and the issue of abortion. Trump blamed Biden for rising inflation and the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden tried to defend his achievements, but had trouble standing up to Trump’s attacks. He emphasized the economic recovery under his tenure, his investments in infrastructure and his efforts to fight climate change.

Biden himself rejected calls to step down, after the showdown that highlighted the wide gaps between the two candidates. On the one hand, the confrontation seemingly increases Trump’s chances of winning the elections, and on the other hand, in the event that the voices in the Democratic camp calling for Biden’s replacement succeed in doing so, a more qualified candidate may be elected in his place who may defeat Trump in the presidential elections. It should be noted that this possibility is currently not realistic, because the presidential candidate cannot be replaced without his consent.

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