Joins the infamous club: Armenia recognizes a Palestinian state

Armenia joined (Friday) the list of countries that recognize a Palestinian state. With this announcement, Armenia became the 145th country in the world to take this step, and the ninth to do so since the outbreak of the war in Gaza.

In an official statement, the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: “Armenia condemns the harm to civilians and the violence shown against civilians as well as the captivity of civilians and calls for the unconditional release of the abductees. Armenia joins the call of the United Nations General Assembly and calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and expresses support for a two-state solution.”

The statement continued: “Based on the above and the ratification of the commitment to international law and the principles of equality, sovereignty, and peaceful coexistence, the Republic of Armenia recognizes a Palestinian state.”

This step by Armenia comes against the background of the complexity of geopolitical relations in the region. Israel maintains close strategic relations with Azerbaijan, Armenia’s bitter rival, which defeated it in the war over Nagorno-Karabakh. Israel exported advanced weapons that helped Azerbaijan in the recent conflicts with Armenia. Israel has an interest in supporting Azerbaijan, which is giving a foothold in a strategic area close to Iran. On the other hand, Armenia cultivates strategic ties with Iran, including cooperation in the field of weapons.

Armenia’s decision to recognize a Palestinian state joins similar moves by other countries such as Spain, Ireland, Norway and Slovenia, which took this step after the October 7 events.

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