Prime Minister Netanyahu: “We will make a deal – but we will complete the goal of destroying Hamas”

Photo Credit: Meir Elipur
The Prime Minister repeated his promise from the beginning of the war to collapse Hamas until it no longer poses a security threat.

In an interview that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave last night (Sunday) to the ‘Patriots’ program on Channel 14, he clarified that he would agree to a deal with Hamas – but not at any price, and emphasized that, contrary to Biden’s statement, “Israel is the one that does not agree to the ceasefire in Gaza.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu promised that he would oppose a deal that would include a complete cessation of the war, and the failure to complete the task of destroying Hamas: “I am not ready to stop the war and leave Hamas intact, we will make a deal – but we will complete the goal of destroying Hamas. I’m not ready to give it up.”

The Al-Arabi Al-Jadid channel reported that the terrorist organization Hamas responded to Netanyahu’s words and said that Israel’s position “is confirmation of its rejection of the latest Security Council resolution and the proposals of US President Joe Biden”. Meanwhile, Hamas continues to insist on a deal outline that includes a complete ceasefire in Gaza and the withdrawal of the IDF from the Strip.
Netanyahu’s interview caused an uproar in Israel from the headquarters of the families of the abductees, who responded that “in response to Netanyahu’s withdrawal from the Netanyahu deal – the headquarters of the families strongly condemns the Prime Minister’s announcement about the withdrawal from the Israeli offer. This is about abandoning the 120 abductees and a violation of the state’s moral duty towards its citizens.”

A short time later, the Prime Minister’s Office announced: “Hamas is the one who opposes the deal, not Israel.” Prime Minister Netanyahu made it clear that we will not leave Gaza until we return all 120 of our abductees, both living and dead.”

News 12 commentator Amit Segal tried to lower the flames and commented: “It is not clear what the uproar is about Netanyahu’s words about the deal. He reiterated in a wording intended for his supporters the unanimous position of the late War Cabinet – that Israel would agree to the first phase but would not agree to the phase that includes the end of the war and a full withdrawal. Hamas’s demand for an end to the war, a full withdrawal and leaving Hamas in place is what blew up round after round of fruitless negotiations.”

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