Trump shared the video “Screams and then silence” and called “release all the abductees”

Credit: Gage Skidmore, Wikipedia, Donald Trump
The former US president and the Republican candidate for the upcoming elections shared the movie "Screams Before Silence" on his social network 'TRUTH' and urged followers to watch it: "I urge people to watch it, if they are able."

The former President of the United States and the American candidate for the presidency in the upcoming elections Donald Trump shared on his social network ‘truth’, the film “Screams and then Silence” which deals with the sexual crimes committed by the terrorist organization Hamas in the October 7 massacre, at the ‘Nova’ party and in the captivity of Hamas. Trump encouraged his followers to watch it, and called for the release of all the abductees.

The presidential candidate called on everyone who can handle the graphic content in the film to watch it: “The documentary ‘Screams and then Silence’ is very difficult to watch because, unfortunately, it graphically depicts the death and destruction that Hamas has caused. I urge people to watch it, if they are able.”

Trump continued “We demand that all the hostages taken from Israel on October 7 and now held in Gaza be released immediately, including eight American citizens and citizens of more than 20 other countries, so that the war can come to an end. Peace through strength!”.
The film’s creator, Sheryl Sandberg (former VP of Meta – Facebook), filmed the documentary in Israel. The film brings shocking testimonies in interviews with abductees who were freed from Hamas captivity, survivors of the Yid Ra’im nature party, and the rescue forces and the Zaka organization who came in first place, the numbers The difficult story of Israeli women and girls who were sexually assaulted by Hamas terrorists in the massacre and during the time they were held captive. At the center of the film stands, among others, the testimony of Amit Sosna, who was released from Hamas captivity.

Sandberg shared that the movie “Screams and then Silence” is “the most important thing she’s done in her life” and “everything she’s done has led her to this moment” – while women’s organizations around the world refused to acknowledge what happened.

The former president’s call to watch the film is an important step in the propaganda war that Israel is waging on the international level to remind the world of the righteousness of the State of Israel and the urgent need to eradicate the Hamas regime that committed these crimes, and to release the abductees from their hands. This video, similar to the “atrocity video” published during the war, which records many parts of the massacre, can lead to a change in public opinion and even influence leaders and decision makers to convey their support and stand by Israel.

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