“Whoever hurts us, we will hurt him” – the punitive measures against Spain have begun

Foreign Minister Israel Katz sent a diplomatic letter in which he forbade the Spanish Consulate in Jerusalem to provide consular services to the residents of the Palestinian Authority: "The days of the Inquisition are over."

Following the Spanish government’s recognition of a “Palestinian state” (along with Norway and Ireland) and the anti-Israeli statements of senior officials in the Spanish government, led by the Deputy Prime Minister of Spain Yolanda Diaz who called for the liberation of Palestine from the Sea to the Jordan (River), the Foreign Minister sent this morning (Sunday) Diplomatic letter prohibiting the Spanish consulate in Jerusalem from carrying out consular activity or providing services to residents of the Palestinian Authority.

The letter implements the minister’s decision from last week and it will take effect on June 1, 2024.

Last Wednesday, Spain, Ireland, and Norway announced the recognition of a “Palestinian state.” As a follow-up to this, their ambassadors were called last Thursday to a reprimand at the Foreign Ministry, during which they were also forced to watch the video of the abduction of the Israeli female border observers that was published last week.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs said: “Today I took initial punitive measures against the Spanish consulate in Jerusalem, which I decided upon following the recognition by the Spanish government of a ‘Palestinian state’ as a gift to the murderers of Hamas and the serious anti-Semitic incitement of its leaders against the existence of the State of Israel. We will not put up with harming Israel’s sovereignty and security. Whoever gives a prize to Hamas and tries to establish a Palestinian state of terror will not be in contact with the Palestinians. We are in 2024, the days of the Inquisition are over. Today the Jews have a sovereign and independent state and no one will make us convert or threaten our existence – whoever harms us will be harmed.”

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