A dramatic interim order of the supreme court regarding the recruitment of Haredim

Yesterday (Thursday), the supreme Court issued an interim order, which constitutes a real earthquake for the ultra-Orthodox society: A demand from the state to stop funding ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students who do not enlist. The decision was made by Justices Fogelman, Amit and Solberg – Acting President of the Supreme Court, and the two judges who will replace him in office over the next 8 years.

This decision comes against the background of the expiration of the previous draft law and the failure of the government to enact a new law that will regulate the legal status of yeshiva students (when, as rememberd, this is a hot political issue that has already been dismantled by governments in the past, and certainly threatens to dismantle this one as well). The government has approved a temporary provision that allows for the rejection of the recruitment of yeshiva students, which comes to an end on April 1; Yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu asked for a month’s delay in the decision of the judges in order to give him another extension to try and formulate a law, and the attorney general Baharav-Miara requested an adjustment period – but it seems that the High Court does not believe in the ability of this government to reach a regulated framework.

This decision by the High Court of Justice may have dramatic consequences, beyond the hundreds of haredi meetings whose budget will be harmed (due to the cessation of funding for those who do not enlist on behalf of his “Torah occupation” in the ages of 18-26) and it is doubtful that they will be able to continue to function, this may result in the departure of the haredi parties (who see themselves as patrons of the yeshivot) of the government in the coming months. The actual recruitment of yeshiva students will take place only after the High Court of Justice will discuss the matter in full composition, which is expected to take place only around June. Then, in accordance with the ruling, the army may begin recruiting thousands of Haredim, which would require extensive preparations by the military frameworks. The Haredi response is also unclear – will they cooperate with the supreme Court of Justice ruling, or will a severe mass refusal phenomenon occur? These questions will be answered only in the future; but there is no doubt that the High Court ruling may serve as a watershed moment in the relations between Haredi society and the State of Israel, which has a direction that will become clear only later on.

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