Activities and targets in all arenas

IDF forces at Shifa. Source: IDF website

As Israel prepares for the next step in the war, both against Iran and against Rafah, IDF forces continue their activities in all arenas of the war to prevent terrorism against Israel. In the northern arena, many Hezbollah-affiliated targets were attacked, as a continuation of the response to the suicide drone that was shot yesterday towards the town of Aramasha (in which some 15 soldiers were wounded); two Hezbollah terrorists were killed in the village of Kila, raising the number of those killed in the terror organization since the beginning of the war to 280 (to which Hezbollah claimed responsibility; According to the IDF and Israeli sources, the real number is significantly greater).

In the Judea and Samaria arena, an arrest was made last night in the town of Bitunya near Ramallah by a Border Police undercover unit in intelligence cooperation with the IDF and the Shin Bet. The detainee was an ISIS operative who planned to carry out an attack in an immediate time, when his degree of connection to ISIS’s umbrella organization and global terrorism had not yet been exposed. According to the official publication of the forces, the arrest was carried out smoothly, with a quick siege on the terrorist’s home and the confiscation of his weapons while avoiding casualties among the police.

In the Gaza arena, the IDF assassinated Yusef Shabat, the head of the internal investigations in the Hamas intelligence department, in Beit Hanoun of the northern Gaza Strip. In addition, in a precise air strike in the Center of the Strip, a vehicle carrying 10 terrorists was hit, with no clear indication of how many of them were killed or neutralized. Earlier this week, the IDF carried out a targeted raid on a school that served as a shelter in Beit Hanoun, arresting about ten Hamas and PIJ operatives. This activity, together with these successful attacks, proves to the terrorists that they have no safe place to hide, and that eventually, as the campaign continues, all of them will fall into the hands (or die by the hands) of the IDF.

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