Attack near Ma’aleh Adumim: displays of Bravery

The Checkpoint. Wikipedia, James Emery

On Thursday morning, an attack was carried out at the a-Zayim checkpoint on Route 1, near Ma’ale Adumim. Three terrorists from the Bethlehem area, brothers of the Zuahra family (including the former prisoner) and one of the al-Shusha family, arrived with their car to the traffic jam near the checkpoint, and opened fire on standing Israeli cars. The problem of traffic jams created by the checkpoints in Judea and Samaria is well known, and was also reflected in the attack that took place at the Gush Etzion checkpoint two months ago – and there is no doubt that action is needed to stop this problem, and to eradicate traffic jams – together with terrorism, of course.

More than 10 Israelis were injured, 2 of them in serious condition, and Matan Almaliach (26), a resident of Ma’ale Adumim, was murdered. He was buried in the cemetery at Ma’ale Adumim last night. “You were an exemplary child,” his father Isaac eulogized him, and also addressed the leaders of the state: “Leave the politics, this is not the time.”

But in the face of the terrorists, Israeli heroism was revealed in all its glory. Two Israelis sought contact with the terrorists – Hanania Ben-Shimon, who was released from reserve duty in the Gaza Strip only last week and happened to find himself again under fire (slightly injured during the attack), and the police officer, Lt. C., who left a rare record of his body camera proving striving for contact and good operational activity. Two of the terrorists were killed at the scene, and one after trying to escape.

This event demonstrates to us the strong Israeli spirit, which has been expressed in every corner of the country, since Octoner 7th and until today. But at the same time, the event is a reminder that “the whole country is a front”, and a flashing warning for the state of terrorism in the territories ahead of the coming month of Ramadan (Adar 2). According to a large part of the assessments, terrorism is expected to increase during the holiday month, which will be reflected mainly in Judea and Samaria. If all the police and civilians are ready and brave, like Hanania Ben Shimon and Rezal, we will undoubtly prevail.

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