Deepening the attacks: From south Lebanon to southern Gaza

The IDF’s advance to western Khan Yunis continues, conducted by the expanded 98th Division, which now encircles the remnants of the resistance in the Khan Yunis area from all directions. The Paratroopers Brigade has been engaged in serious battles in the Al-Amal neighborhood, and in recent days dozens and hundreds of terrorists have been eliminated, as evidenced by videos published by the IDF in recent days. Many weapons were confiscated, many terrorists surrender and are captured, and new shafts are discovered daily. One of the reasons for the difficulties in the battles is the large presence of the population in the area, which has not been fully evacuated; this emphasizes the importance of keeping the population away from areas where battles are still taking place, such as the northern Gaza Strip.

Defense Minister Galant visited YHLM today – the IDF unit which has been working nights and days to destroy tunnels throughout the Gaza Strip, since the beginning of the maneuver. “There is no place I go to in Gaza were no one talks to me about the YHLM.” Said Galant. “Hamas has dug tunnels to use them against us by all kinds of methods – and in practice Hamas is collapsing into its own tunnels… Hundreds of people who have been killed under the ground as a result of your actions. They understand that they cannot fight against the IDF. It’s because of you!”

The northern front also saw a certain escalation today, when Hezbollah launched suicide drones at Kfar Blum, claiming it hit Iron Dome batteries in the area (the IDF has denied these reports). In addition, the Lebanese terrorist organization fired at Metula two mortar shells containing phosphorus, which is defined as chemical warfare for all intents and purposes (phosphorus is forbidden to use against civilian targets). The mortar shells were diagnosed as manufactured in Israel, and it is believed that these were very outdated weapons, which Israel sold to Iran in the 70s (during the Shah’s era), which later rolled into Hezbollah’s hands.

In response to these launches, the Air Force launched a series of attacks in southern Lebanon in several of different villages, backed by artillery fire. Among the targets attacked was an old-known one: the ‘Iranian’ airport built on Lebanese soil, which was used to import weapons and drones to Hezbollah. Galant revealed images of the airport to the world last September, shortly before the war, and then threatened that: “If we reach a clash, we will not hesitate to use the lethal force of the IDF – Hezbollah and Lebanon will pay heavy and painful prices”. It’s good to keep up.

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