High-ranking assassinations in the north and south

Thabat. IDF website

In recent days, the IDF has continued to operate in the Shifa Hospital compound in Gaza City as part of Operation ‘Local surgery’, in which special forces, armoured forces of the 401st Brigade and infantry forces from the Nahal Brigade are participating. To date, nearly 200 terrorists have been killed in the hospital compound, and more than 1,000 people have been arrested, including at least 500 who are affiliated with the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. This is one of the most severe blows that Hamas has suffered since the beginning of the war.

Yesterday (Thursday), the IDF announced that during the fighting in the hospital compound, Ra’ed Thabet was killed – head of the Hamas personnel headquarters in the Gaza Strip. The role sounds undramatic, but he is in fact one of the top ten most senior members of the terrorist organization and was personally close to the leadership. In the past, Thabet served as the head of the weapons production system, and was responsible for the development and strengthening of the terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip; his elimination is another significant blow to Hamas’ control capabilities in the Strip.

On other fronts, too, Israel is not weakening its grip: During the last night, an extensive air strike was carried out in Aleppo, Syria, against targets identified with the Shiite axis – Iran and Hezbollah. According to reports, the attacks killed nearly 40 people – Shia operatives, Syrian soldiers, and civilians – making the attack the most significant since the outbreak of the war. The Syrian government has accused the Syrian rebels of collaborating with Israel in preparation for the attack, and it is not yet clear whether this claim is true.

And this morning, the fire returned to the Lebanese front, when an IDF drone carried out a targeted attack of a vehicle that was driving close to the city of Tyre. A senior Hezbollah operative was riding in the vehicle, who was responsible for all of the rockets in southern Lebanon, and in his job was also responsible for the thousands of launches carried out into Israeli territory since the beginning of the war (of which many were killed, including two days ago in Kiryat Shmona). In response, Hezbollah launched rocket fire on the northern towns, and even infiltrated into the Hula Valley area with drones. The response continues at this time, and we should see if it will lead to a renewed flare-up and warming of the sector.

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