How can we maintain National Unity and Resilience?

The Aseret Movement, a social and non-political movement, is currently leading the campaign #10XStrongerTogether to strengthen our people’s unity and resilience based on the values ​​of the Ten Commandments.

The Aseret Movement, a social and non-political movement, is currently leading the campaign #10XStrongerTogether to strengthen our people’s unity and resilience based on the values ​​of the Ten Commandments.

The Jewish people has been facing a difficult struggle for over half a year since the outbreak of the Iron Swords War. In light of the many challenges we are dealing with, as a nation and as individuals, the need to strengthen our unity and our resilience stands out.

The Aseret movement, a social movement that has existed for over 15 years, seeks to do exactly that, through the innovative project #10XStrongerTogether!

The movement’s vision is to unite the Jewish people based on the shared values contained  in the Ten Commandments. In normal times, the international movement operates a variety of programs on the subject of the Ten Commandments for various audiences (schools, students, Bat/Bar Mitzvah youth, womens’ groups, and more).

Since the outbreak of the war on October 7th, we have decided to focus all of our energy and resources on strengthening the resilience and unity of our nation through the project #10XStrongerTogether so that together we can discover the unity and resilience already in us!

The initiative includes:

Resilience workshops for evacuees and families on the home front

Resilience kits

“Heart of Israel” medallions containing the Tablets of the Covenant inside the Magen David  symbolizing  a deeper connection to our identity and mission

Heart of the Covenant Patch kit for soldiers

Resilience -building content in distributed through social media platforms

An original film in English tentatively entitled October 7th: The Unmasking of Antisemitism and Jewish Purpose about the root cause of anti-Semitism and our response to it

The Aseret Movement believes that a deep connection to our values ​​and identity is the key to national resilience.

One of the highlights so far in the project was an appreciation event for IDF reservists on April 1st. It was the largest event of its kind, and was held in the largest hall in the country – Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv. The event, which was held in cooperation with 3 organizations: “Nifgashim,” “Israel-Is” and the “Reserveד Community”, included a fascinating panel with public opinion leaders including Yosef Haddad, Ella Keenan, Ayalon Levy and Guy Hochman. The evening concluded with an upbeat performance by the “Hatikva 6” band.

The appreciation event was a significant milestone for the Aseret movement. Since the outbreak of the war, the movement has mobilized all its resources to strengthen unity and national resilience, focusing on the values ​​of the Ten Commandments.

During the event, thousands of reservists were exposed to the Aseret Movement’s mission and received, in appreciation of their sacrifice and leadership,  a kit with a patch for the IDF uniform, accompanied by an insightful  booklet on the Ten Commandments as values ​​in whose name we fight, and based on which we can unite.

Exactly two days later we launched our Unity and Resilience campaign at the VIP complex in Cinema City Jerusalem. It was full to the brim with activists from the Aseret Movement, excited to take part in the launch of the #10XStronger TogetherCampaign!

We started with a rich dinner buffet and then continued to a movie theater where Matanya Zilberberg, the leader of the movement, moderated a fascinating panel on the topic of resilience, with the participation of representatives from all facets of the Jewish People:

Michal Barkai Brody, a leader and entrepreneur who shared about the difficulties she experienced as a wife and mother while her husband was sent to the reserves; Chaya Levy, an evacuee from Sderot who voluntarily managed the needs of no less than 1000 evacuees at the hotel she was placed to live in, spoke about the chaos and uncertainty in which the evacuees live, and about the initiative she established to deal with it all; Harold Magid, a Zionist Jew from New York, described the difficulties experienced by Jews in the Diaspora in the face of the reality in Israel, as well as the struggle against rising anti-Semitism; Yoni Schwartz, a reservist, revealed his feelings as a soldier in Gaza, and spoke about what gave him resilience along the way; Rabbi Leo Dee, who lost his wife and two daughters in a terror attack last year, shared with the audience his process of dealing with pain and trauma, and explained how one can grow from  loss.

Later, the words of Rabbi Shalom Schwartz, the founder of the Aseret Movement, strengthened the spirit of those present. Rabbi Shalom presented the trailer for the in production documentary film  film iwhich investigates the root cause  of anti-Semitism, and explains it as a “supra-rational” phenomenon arising from a deep hatred of the moral values ​​that the nation of Israel represents.

A special guest of the evening was Rawan Osman. Osman, who was born in Syria and grew up in Lebanon as a Muslim hating Israel, told her fascinating story about the change she went through, and how she became a passionate supporter of Israel, working to advocate for Israel in the Arab world.

The evening concluded with inviting everyone to participate in the crowdfunding campaign supporting the #10x Stronger Together Campaign ! The  increase in resources will enable the expansion of activities and strengthen the resilience and unity of Israel and the Jewish people.

The event in Jerusalem was just the opening launch of the #10XStronger Together campaign! The Aseret Movement continues to work with all its might to strengthen the Jewish people and the Israeli society, and calls on all Jews to unite around our shared values ​​of the Ten Commandments, because together we are 10X stronger!

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