In the plan: Renewal of the Air Force

In “the day after” discussions, The question of the military budget is one of the most significant issues facing decision-makers in Israel. Already today, military spending constitutes the largest share of the state budget (over 5% of GDP), and according to the chief of staff’s insinuations, in the coming years it will be necessary to double this budget in order to meet the task of Israel’s protection. These are huge amounts of money, and the spending will result in extensive cuts in the state’s services at other areas, or an increase in the deficit, and thereby increase future taxes.

To What means exactly will the big new budget go? According to initial reports, the army plans to invest first of all in the force that constitutes its relative advantage, and that in this war, as usual, has proved its great superiority and importance: The Air Force. The General Staff is planning purchases of almost unprecedented amounts of tens of billions of dollars, which will include dozens of planes in the amount of several squadrons. All the planes will be purchased in the US, and some will be purchased with the assistance of the defense budgets that the US transferred to Israel in this war.

Among the planned squadrons are a number of F-15 squadrons, an fighter jet that has been used by the Israeli Air Force for almost 50 years and will give an opportunity to refresh old models with new ones (and don’t ever forget that this is a plane that has never lost an air battle!). In addition, the Air Force is planning to acquire several Apache helicopter squadrons; in the past few years, it seemed that the chopers were losing their weight in the IDF, but in 7/10 they proved their great importance to controlling the battlefield, and so until today. In addition to the aircraft, the defense establishment plans to increase the total number of munitions in stock, and to transfer a large part of their production from outsourcing to Israel in order to increase Israeli independence and reduce our dependence on the United States before any war action is taken in the future.

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