Jacob Rosen: supporter of Ramat Gan

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On Saturday, Jacob Rosen passed away at the age of 95. Rosen was a resident of Ramat Gan, and one the most important residents of the city – receiving a “Worthy Citizen of Ramat Gan” title and even having a street in the city named after him during his lifetime. This is due to Rosen’s great investment in housing and institutions in the city, in an activity that has spread over dozens of years.
Rosen was born as Jacob Rosenfeld in the Second Polish Republic in 1928, in the town of Radzimin, near Warsaw. In 1942, the Nazis began an ‘Action’ to liquidate the Radzimin Ghetto, and Jacob managed to escape, while his entire family perished. He wandered around the countryside pretending to be a Christian orphan among different villages, and managed to survive the war. He then joined the ‘Youth Aliyah’ movement, and immigrated to Israel in 1946, working as a laborer. He soon enlisted and fought in the War of Independence, first in the Irgun and later in the Givati battalion in the south.
In 1951, Rosen was discharged from the army. He lacked family and education, but had experience in people and hard work. He continued to work as a laborer and soon started a contracting business, which became a company – ‘Zanaron’. Beginning in the 60s, he began to build many projects in the city of Ramat Gan, which included thousands of housing units that still exist today. He got married and started a family in the city, twice.
In addition to his extensive employment work at Ramat Gan, Rosen also invested heavily in education (which he never had the opportunity to complete himself, due to the war). He contributed greatly to Shankar College in the city, and built a cultural center called ‘Beit Rozen’. In addition, he opened a special scholarship for high school and academic excellence in the city’s institutions. This investment has supported many residents of Ramat Gan over the years. Today Ramat Gan is the 11th largest city in Israel, with almost 200 residents of an especially high socioeconomic status; it certainly owes a lot to Jacob Rosen, and without him the city would look quite different.
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