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Two days ago, “Hurricane”, the song that will represent Israel in Eurovision 2024, was revealed.
The song has gone through many incarnations. Initially, its name was “October Rain”, but due to complications and constraints by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), along with fear of the risk posed to Israel’s very participation this year due to the war, the song was rewritten within about a week, and finally approved. The road to revealing the song was not smooth, as it was leaked to social media by pro-Palestinian accounts, and the attempts to prevent the leak and remove it were unsuccessful.

“Hurricane” was written by Avi Ohion and Keren Peles, who also composed it along with Stav Begar. On the Eurovision stage in Malmo, the song will be performed by Eden Golan, winner of the tenth season of the reality show “The Next Star”.
The song describes a personal crisis, leading to the desire for comfort and salvation from destruction, from the hurricane that occurred. The song is written in English, except for the last stanza which is in Hebrew, a beautiful stanza that ends the song with a note of hope:

“No need for big words
Only prayers
Even if it’s hard to see
You always leave one little light for me”

The writers of “Hurricane” were walking a thin line: on the one hand – a clear need to address the situation in Israel, and on the other hand – the need to moderate the song and make it less political, in order for it to be accepted at the Eurovision and have a chance to succeed in the competition. They managed the task as the song really contains a delicate and complex balance, with lyrics that reflect the pain and difficulty, the situation that the country is in, but in a gentle and moderate fashion that is acceptable to the EBU. This balance is tied together by Golan, with an immersive performance and extraordinary vocal abilities.

Despite the concerns, the predictions for “Hurricane” are quite good. The song is currently holding strong in the eighth place on the betting table, and according to many viewers and fans of the contest- it’s expected to climb higher. It seems that in the eyes of all opinions, including those of pro-Palestinian fans, this is a beautiful song that has the ability to go far and even win. The only thing left is to hope that the final vote and the acceptance of the song will come down to quality and fair judgment rather than politics.

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