Marwan Issa was attacked by the IDF

Yesterday (Monday), the IDF allowed the publication that last Saturday, as part of the intensive air strikes that took place in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, a compound in which it is estimated that Marwan Issa, a senior Hamas official, was hiding – was attacked. The fate of Issa is not yet known, not to the IDF and probably not to Hamas, but within the army and among the politicians there is an unusual optimism about the success of the attack.

Marwan Issa, also known as Abu al-Baraa, serves as the head of the Hamas military wing and deputy to Muhammad Deif (If Sinwar is equivalent to prime minister, and Deif to Hamas’ defense minister, so Issa can be seen as the chief of staff). Issa is considered the “brain” behind Hamas’s military operations over the past decade. He replaced Ahmed al-Jabari (who was assassinated in 2012 at the start of Operation ‘Amud Anan’), and since then has taken part in all the decisions made by Hamas, including the attacks of October 7. It would not be excessive to define Issa as number 3 in the Hamas organization in the Gaza Strip, second only to Sinwar and Dief, and so did Netanyahu define him in an speech yesterday: “We took care number 4 in Hamas (i.e., Salah al-Arouri – killed in Lebanon two months ago)… And we will also get to the numbers 3, 2 and 1.”

Issa’s attack is an important intelligence success – both in finding his hiding place, and in proving that Issa was not there with Hostages, when senior security officials pledged that Hostages were not put in harm’s way by the attack. Israel has tried to kill Issa personally at least twice (in 2006 and 2021), and has failed; success now, which is hoped to be known soon, is the completion of a historic cycle, and doing little to the justice of Hamas’ chief strategist, who was undoubtedly one of the main planners of this war, and responsible for the destruction, death, and loss to which it led.

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