Milei’s visit: Argentina moves embassy to Jerusalem

Milei at the Lubavitcher Rebbe, NYC. Wikipedia

This afternoon (Tuesday), Javier Milei, the new president of Argentina, has begun a state visit Israel. Milei is known as a sworn lover of Israel, and it is evident from the fact that he has now fulfilled one of his election promises – that his first state visit out of Argentina will be to Israel. As soon as he landed in Israel, Milei announced that he would move the Argentine Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem – a move that represents a de-facto recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and places Argentina in the small and strong club of the countries that recognize our capital. This is an important step for Israel in general, and especially during the war, when any expression of international support helps the Israeli interest in the campaign.

Milei is undoubtedly one of the most bizarre leaders in the world, and in fact it can be said that he was elected president of Argentina as an Outasider – when the Argentine people were fed up with decades of populist rule (mainly from the left) that derailed the country’s economy, and decided to choose an extreme right-wing marker. Milei is now moving Argentina through a series of extreme capitalist reforms that have not been seen in the world for many years, turning Argentina into a libertarian experimental arena, which is beheld curiosly by many researchers and politicians around the world. Milei is unconventional and known for his interpersonal quirks; but at the same time, his election was a good sign for Israel, because Milei feels a genuine emotional and religious connection to Israel. In recent years, the president of Argentina has begun the process of approaching the Jewish religion, especially through the ‘Chabad’; according to reports from his associates, he is considering converting to Judaisim during or immediately after his term.

During his current visit, Milei came to express support of Israel in its war against Hamas; Foreign Minister Katz welcomed him at the airport and declared: “You are a man of values who is committed only to the truth, and it is no wonder that you chose to come immediately to Israel to support us in our just struggle… Thank you for your recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel… Welcome to Israel!” Milei is expected to meet with other senior officials (this evening with President Herzog at the Western Wall), visit Yad Vashem and perhaps also some of the communities in the south. Israel and Aegentina have had many problems in the not too distant past, but difficult times reveal where true friends are.

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