Terror attack in Beit Kama: Courage and sacrifice

Beit Kama

On Thursday afternoon, a stabbing attack was carried out at the ‘Aroma’ stand in the Beit Kama junction (north of Beer Sheva). The terrorist was an Israeli citizen named Fadi al-Taif, a 22-year-old resident of Rahat, who grew up and lived most of his life in Gaza (which points to a nationalist background); he arrived at the stand with a knife and began stabbing an man with ranks that stood in front of him on line.


But the injured man was senior army worker Uri Moyal, who served for over 30 years in the IDF, and was the director of logistics work for the Nahal Brigade’s home base. During his decades in office, Moyal was admired by those around him and distinguished for his initiative and resourcefulness in various situations; and this time, too, after being stabbed in various places in his body and severely injured, Moyal did not lose his strength and began a struggle with the terrorist. Released Videos that filmed the attack show how within a few seconds, Moyal managed to evade further attacks, pull out a gun, shoot Altayef after he stopped fighting another civilian, and neutralize him and ending of the incident.

Rescue forces who arrived found Moyal in a difficult situation, and many medical efforts failed – and within a few hours Moyal was declared dead. Moyal, a resident of Dimona, left behind his wife, three children and two grandchildren who he recently born. The mayor of the city mourned: “Hundreds of soldiers passed through him, and he was their support and help. Uri was attentive to every need that came from us for the soldiers of Dimona and Yerucham, and answered positively and willingly at every turn. The people of Dimona and Yerucham are in great pain by his murder.”

The attack illustrates the risks of Ramadan, even in the internal Israeli arena, when at this stage it is clear that part of Hamas’s strategy was integrated in an attempt to “light up” the area. But amazing acts of heroism and sacrifice like that of Moyal, may he rest in peace, raise the confidence and hope that Israeli citizens are strong enough to make it through the month successfully.

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