The book is open, and the hand is writing: assassinations in the strip

According to an IDF spokesman, during the night, a successful arial assassination of some terrorists and residents of Gaza who participated in the October 7 attacks, or handled hostages who were brought to the Gaza Strip on that day. The attacks took place in the Shati and Darj Tafah neighbourhoods, among the main areas in Gaza City and those in which the IDF has operated more than once so far in the war; the attacks were carried out with a precise intelligence effort by the Military Intelligence and Shin Bet, in order to prove the use of terrorism in civilian infrastructure, and to prevent harm to non-involved people.

Attacks such as these prove that the IDF and the Shin Bet have not forgotten their old promise, given several weeks after the outbreak of the war, to take into account every terrorist and civilian who took part in the surprise attack on Israel – when it is estimated that some four thousand terrorists and civilians infiltrated into Israel, and Of these, about two thousand were killed and taken prisoner – leaving a long list of required assassinations. According to the reports, the Shin Bet even established a special unit for this task – the Nili unit (the Eternity of Israel will not lie, a verse of Samuel). This task will be carried out slowly and for many years, but its most important goal will be achieved – none of the participants will be able to get a rest from persecution and fear for the rest of their lives.

It is interesting to compare this IDF statement to the news reports on the Gaza networks, about nearly 20 killed in an IDF attack in Shati – most of them members of the Haniya family, including Zohar Haniya, Ismail Haniya’s sister – the leader of the Hamas movement who resides now in Qatar (when it is possible that he will soon move to Iraq). This is not the first time members of Haniya’s family have been killed in the war (some of his sons were killed by the IDF a few months ago), and terrorism appears to have become a family business; it is hoped that the shock of death will help move Haniyeh’s heart toward a hostage deal with Israel.

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