The coming year: What to expect in Israel, 2024

2023 was not an easy year for Israel, to say the least. from the legal reform that accompanied us at its arrival, to the war that accompanies us in its departure. The New Year celebrations, if they were held, were interrupted by a large barrage from the Gaza to Tel Aviv at midnight, in a way that reminded us all again of the reality. And yet, we here have tried all along to present a more positive perspective. And a new year is an opportunity for correction, according to Judaism (while indeed it is a civil year).

What can Israel expect in the coming year? Well, it seems that Israel will almost certainly be in a state of war or semi-war throughout it, a reality that most of us are not familiar with. The fighting in the Gaza Strip is expected to continue, with varying intensities, with more or less forces, until the goals of the war are achieved – the defeat of Hamas and the return of the hostages. As for the other fronts, from Lebanon and YOSH nearby to Iran and Yemen far away, this depends mainly on our enemies and their decisions. it is quite possible that Israel will find itself fighting a full-scale war against another enemy. Let us hope that at least most of the citizens that have been evacuated will be brought back home at the first third of the year.

Politically, local elections are expected to take place at the end of February (they may again be prosponed for security issues). There is a considerable chance for a general election this year, but this depends mainly on the actions of politicians. At the end of the year, it should be expected that most of the attention will be given to elections held in the United States, which will have a huge diplomatic and security impact.

Culturally, Israel is expected to participate in the Paris Olympics in the summer months, and also in the Eurovision Song Contest in the spring. And if we win the remaining games, we may also find ourselves playing in the Euro soccer tournament – Inshallah. Other events that were to take place in the late months of ’23 and were postponed due to the war, are expected to take place during the year. Altogether, seems like a tear with a good potential.

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