The “Creating Hope” project: Art and comfort in war

“What does the word ‘hope’ mean to you during the war?” 26 Israelis were asked this question – people who were directly affected by the war – abductees, their relatives, bereaved families, residents of the Otef and combat soliders. The answers were returned in the form of works of art – paintings, photographs, impressions and other works. The works were printed on billboards and were placed in some of the most prominent locations in the country – Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv, the Jerusalem Gardens Hotel, Ben Gurion Airport, Rager Av. In Be’er-Sheva and many more. This was done under the auspices of the ‘Manday’ tech company, which planned to start a huge advertising campaign that was postponed due to the war – and decided to donate the signs it had rented for the artistic project.

The project was created by an integrated initiative of advertising people, entrepreneurs from the company, and bereaved families who sought freedom for expression of the mind and feelings, or to share their fallen relatives’ paintings. Thus, photographs of Lavi Lipschitz (20), who fell in battle in the northern Gaza Strip; as were works by Yonatan Hatzor (22), who was a talented painter and sculptor. “We felt that works in the spirit of hope, especially those who are personally coping and in such pain with the war, are especially inspiring, and we hope that this will make everyone exposed to the project feel that way,” said Daniela Hasid, one of the project’s initiators.

Among the most unique works of the project are the drawings of Emilia Aloni, 5 years old, who was abducted to the Gaza Strip on October 7. The work contains drawings she made while in Hamas captivity, together with her mother Daniel; the two were released in a the November ceasefire, but her uncle David Konio is still in captivity. The paintings express longing for the outside world, along with hope and faith in the triumph of good.

It is not easy to keep hope these days, and we try to do our best, and there is no doubt that these paintings help. As Naama Friedman, one of the participants of the project said – The partner of Amir Tzur, who fell on October 7: “Holding on to hope, like catching a butterfly, is a rare, exciting and quite simple moment that can put air into our lungs within our reality. It is our duty to embrace and appreciate these moments.”

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