The Desire to serve: Uri Maggidish is returning to the IDF

Maggidish with family. Wikipedia, IDF

Corporal Uri Maggidish, who during her short military service, has had experiences that almost no one had ever dreamed of – a kidnapping by Hamas and a rescue operation by the Shin Bet – could, in principle, end her service. But on Monday, it was reported that Maggidish would return to the army and continue her service for the country, out of a wish to set a personal example and with a desire to serve and contribute to the country during the war. At this time, when the State of Israel needs anyone who can give it as much as they can, Maggidish’s decision becomes symbolic, moral and particularly impressive.

Maggidish, 18 years old from Kiryat Gat, was recruited in 2023 to the Collection Corps and served as a lookout in the 414th Battalion, was stationed at the Nahal Oz outpost near the Gaza border. On the morning of October 7, Maggidish and her friends were at the outpost while it was attacked by Hamas terrorists, and she was kidnapped into the Gaza Strip with 6 of her friends. The situation of Maggidish was initially unknown, but over time, IDF intelligence managed to understand her location – a civilian apartment in the Shati neighborhood, deep inside Gaza City.

On October 30, Israeli intelligence identified a “window of opportunity” in Maggidish’s apartment, in light of the disorder that occurred in Hamas when the ground maneuver into the Gaza Strip began. In a special operation, nicknamed the “First Light”, the operational unit of the Shin Bet was sent to the location, which managed to rescue Maggidish after a short battle with her captors, and return to Israeli territory. She was the first hostage to be freed from the captivity of Hamas, in a way that greatly encouraged the morale of Israeli citizens.

In the months since her rescue, Maggidish has mainly been with her family, along with brief interviews to the media in which she shared the captivity experience, and long investigations with the Shin Bet, in which she provided valuable information. In the last few weeks, she has returned to her uniform, and has now announced a decision to return to service, but with a small change – not to the Observer Corps, but to the intelligence. This is a logical change – there are not many people who have seen and experienced the enemy eye to eye like her.

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