A shift In the UK: the Labour is back in power

Keir Starmer. Wikipedia, UK parliment

Late last night, the results of the UK’s general Election were published , showing conclusively that the surveys and forecasts were corect: The Labour Party won an overwhelming majority of 410 seats (out of 650), making this its largest victory in the 21st century. The party leader, Keir Starmer, is expected to be prime minister in the coming days, and because of winning an absolute majority of seats, avoid forming a coalition.

But more than a Labour victory, it is a Conservative defeat: The traditional right-wing party suffered its worst defeat since the early 20th century, winning only 130 seats (compared to the majority it had previously enjoyed). The incumbent Prime Minister Rishi Sonak barely held his seat in his constituency; former Prime Minister Liz Truss, was less fortunate. After 14 years of government, with 5 prime ministers replacing each other, Britain experienced many upheavals (the Brexit crisis, the coronavirus crisis, and many more), and the British people decided to replace the leadership. In addition, the Conservatives had an internal split – with Nigel Farage’s radical Reform party splitting the party’s vote and weakening the Conservatives in many districts (although he won only 4 seats). Sonak called Starmer and congratulated him on his victory, and is expected to evacuate the residence at 10 Downing Street soon.

What are the consequences of the victory for Israel? In the short term, not much. Starmer, a 61-year-old lawyer, is married to a Jewish woman and has even defined himself as a Zionist in the past, so his support for Israel in the current war is expected to last for a long time. Starmer has so far excelled at ripping anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli elements out of the party, including former leader Jeremy Corbyn (who was elected to parliament again as an independent) and his cronies; but this is not a one-time move, but a constant alert, and in the long run, Starmer will have to avoid drifting left into the extreme wings of his party and face their pressures. We wish him well from here, and good luck.

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