Bravery in Jenin: leaving no injured behind

On Wednesday night, there was a severe incident during an IDF operation in Samaria, when forces of the Kfir Brigade entered the Jenin refugee camp in routine operations to arrest wanted persons. Activities such as these are taking place almost regularly, and since the outbreak of the war have been very helpful in blocking the chances of warming the sector in the West Bank, thereby preserving the lives of Israeli citizens in the region and preventing further significant division of attention by the IDF.

According to the initial investigations, it appears that this was a double-bomb attack: First, an explosive device buried deep in the ground (more than a meter – which explains why the D9 did not help find it in advance) hit a protected medical vehicle of the brigade, and most of its riders were lightly injured. A force immediately leapt from the Haruv unit, led by 22-year-old Lieutenant Alon Sakajiu, and then a second and more powerful explosion occurred, killing Sakajiu and wounding many more soldiers. Many IDF forces were directed to the scene to assist the wounded and evacuate them out of the battle field.

The attack indicates a certain improvement in the terrorist capabilities operating in the refugee camp – from the deeper imposition of explosives, to good capabilities in their remote operation, as well as good intelligence observational capabilities that enabled them to operate the device at the right moments. But the incident also shows good IDF values – striving for contact and assistance to the wounded, together with the excellence and completion of the mission successfully despite the unplanned damage to our forces.

Sakajiu, a resident of Hadera who left behind parents and two siblings, was promoted to the rank of captain after his death. “The city of Hadera is in pain and mourning the fall of the city’s son, Alon Sakajiu,” Nir Ben-Haim, the mayor of Hadera, told him. “When asked about the youth department’s project in the city, what do you consider the most Israeli value? His answer was clear: “To serve the country.” Alon grew up, was educated, and guided, and despite his young age as a mixed, intelligent, friendly and brilliant boy, he influenced students, students and trainees. The values he believed in and adhered to were also passed on to them, so that they would resonate for many years to come.”

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