Continuing operations in the north and south of the Gaza Strip

Herzi Halevi. IDF

In Khan Yunis, the IDF led by Division 98 has begun in Operation ‘Crown of the West’ – the occupation of the Hamad neighbourhood in the western part of the city, not far from the sea. The Hamad neighbourhood is new and crowded, and was built in an area once settled by Gush Katif; today, dozens and hundreds of people living in the neighbourhood, belong to Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, making the neighbourhood a defensive area for Hamas, and an important target for the IDF.
In recent days, hundreds of people have been arrested and taken prisoner, most of them terrorist operatives. Our forces are fighting from house to house, confiscating weapons and fighting terrorists, while so far, a very successful coordination operation has been conducted between the ground forces and the Air Force. The task is not simple – as was demonstrated yesterday in an incident that took place when entering a booby-trapped building, in which one soldier was killed –David Sasson, and five others were seriously wounded – but our forces act strongly and slowly achieve their goals.

In recent days, considering the return of the residents of Sderot to their homes, the northern brigade of the Gaza Division has been operating more intensively in the Beit Hanoun area. Many targets were attacked, as were individual operatives; during the attack on a house from which rocket launches were identified, many secondary explosions were observed, indicating the successful destruction of rockets and other missiles.

Even in the center of the Gaza Strip, the terrorists do not know quiet, with the Nahal Brigade liquidating dozens in recent days by a sniper ambush. In addition, 2 terrorists who participated in the events of October 7 were attacked and successfully thwarted, Ammar al-Adini, the head of the division of the northern Gaza Strip, which had been operating against Israel since Operation ‘Cast Lead’ in 2008.

Last night, the Chief of Staff appeared in front of the graduates of the current naval captain course. “In the midst of a historic test for the people of Israel, we uphold the oath of generations – from generation to generation – to protect the homeland, to preserve the freedom of Israel, to ensure the existence of the people,” Halevi said. In addition, Halevi addressed the issues on the central agenda in Israeli society: “We will ensure at all times that their (the fallen) sacrifice will not be in vain – and there is no way to do that except to enlist for meaningful service, to wear a uniform and to be commanders.”

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