Elad Fingerhut, of blessed memory: giving to others until the end

Courtesy of the family
The name of the civilian who was killed yesterday at the northern border, while coming to help the soldiers with equipment, and later trying to help the wounded - Elad Fingerhut, a resident of Metzuba in the Western Galilee - has been revealed.

It was now cleared to be published that the civilian who was killed yesterday (Tuesday) by Hezbollah anti-tank fire near the settlement of Adamit is Elad Fingerhut (38). Elad is a resident of Metzuba and is originally from Efrat in Gush Etzion. Fingerhut was in the northern border area to bring equipment and food to the soldiers on the front when Hezbollah attacked a group of soldiers with anti-tank fire. Several soldiers were injured. When Fingerhut heard of the incident, he rushed without hesitation to the scene to aid the wounded as best he could; but Hezbollah fired another anti-tank missile at him, and he was killed on the spot.

Those who knew Elad, who is survived by his ex-wife and three children, characterized him as a person with love of the country, modesty, and loving-kindness at any cost. “Elad’s running into danger to help the soldiers that were injured shows the education and values his parents gave him,” eulogized Dovi Shefler, head of the Efrat Council. Details about the funeral date and location will be provided later.

With all the sadness, it is amazing to remember that among us there are citizens who dedicate a significant part of their daily routine to help the soldiers on the battlefield in whatever is needed. The spirit of volunteerism was strong among Israelis immediately after the outbreak of the war, and it still exists today.

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