Elections for the European Parliament – an increase for the right-wing parties, and good news for Israel

European Parliament, Flickr

In recent days, elections have been held for the European Union Parliament, which is the second largest democratic election in the world (after India). Although the Union is only a semi-political body, since all the countries associated with it are subject to it to some extent and have given up parts of their powers for it, its importance is especially great. The European Parliament is the only branch of the European Union government elected by the general European public (with the rest of the governing body elected by the political governments or other branches), and has over 700 seats divided into each country proportionally to the size of its population.

The results of the election yesterday struck the old continent with astonishment: A large increase in the power of the far-right parties, and a significant decrease in the power of the left and center parties in most of the EU countries. This is a continuation of a trend already expressed in the Netherlands, of an increase in the power of the parties opposed to uncontrolled immigration from non-European countries, which is undoubtedly connected to the demonstrations and protests that have been taking place against Israel since October 7.

The results have direct political implications in some countries, where governments view the vote as a vote of no confidence in government policies, such as in Belgium (where an election was decided) and in France, where President Macron announced a snap election to parliament, after his rival party, led by Mary Le Pen, won a significant and broad majority.

How will this affect Israel? In a process that will take some time, the EU will experience a personal replacement that will lead to key positions and senior positions in the EU and other individuals who are more sympathetic to Israel and its war goals (for example, the current European Foreign Minister expressed his disgust at the operation to release the hostages that took place on Saturday and called it a ‘slaughter’; with the change of parliament, it is doubtful that he will remain in office for a long time). It is important to remember that the far-right parties in Europe are not our best friends, and many of them have ancient layers of severe anti-Semitism; but on the big issue that is on the agenda and in the struggle against Islamic extremism, they can be our partners.

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