An attack on the al-Amal neighbourhood

IDF in Al-Amal. IDF site

On Sunday, the IDF began a targeted operation against the neighbourhood of Al-Amal (the hope) in western Khan Yunis. The operation is carried out by the 98th Division, under which the Givati, 7th and Commando brigades are operating. The decision to carry out the operation and return to Western Khan Yunis came after receiving accurate intelligence about the presence of terrorists in civilian infrastructure in the area, including the main hospital used by the neighbourhood.

The operation began with a large air force bombing, in which no less than 40 targets used by Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip were destroyed, including military buildings and underground tunnels. At the same time, the ground forces began an ‘Blitz’ around and into the neighbourhood in order to prevent the evading and withdrawing of the terrorists toward Rafah; in the meantime, there were reports of intensive battles and face-to-face clashes, with no casualties to our forces up to now.

In the meantime, Operation ‘Local Surgery’ at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, which has been operated by 162th Division forces (under which the Nahal Brigade and the 401st Brigade are operating) for about a week, is continuing with full force. The number of dead, wounded, and detained terrorists in this operation is approaching 1,000, making it one of the most successful so far in the war, and proving again Hamas’ practice of cynically usage of civilian compounds as human shields. There are areas in the hospital that the IDF did not manage to reach yet, and according to reports from the brigades, the operation will not end until the hospital is completely cleared of the presence of terrorists.

On Monday morning, reports were raised about IDF air strikes in areas that have not yet been maneuvered through – in Deir al-Balah and Nuseirat, in the centeral camps, and throughout the city of Rafah. These attacks are very important at this time, as international pressure against Israel increases about Rafah, and reports of a significant increase in the chances of a hostage deal that would include a temporary ceasefire are coming out. Israel reminds the world that for its part, the mission will not be completed until Hamas’ capabilities in the entire Gaza Strip are dismantled, whatever the cost may be.

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