“Bringing the people home”: readiness for the north

In recent days, the intensity of friction in the north has weakened slightly, when Hezbollah may have begun to shrink a little from the possibility of an all-out war with Israel; however, dozens of launches of all kinds have been carried out – drones, rockets, mortar shells and anti-tank missiles at various points along the border; At the same time, the IDF carried out a series of strong air attacks against military targets in various villages in south Lebanon, and positions from which the rockets were fired.
On Friday, the security civil coordinators of the local and regional councils in the north met with the leader of the Northern IDF Command, Major General Uri Gordin. The coordinators expressed their concerns and hopes for the return of the residents; Gordin presented the IDF’s preparatory processes in the north, the achievements that have been accumulated so far, and explicitly pledged: “The IDF is constantly strengthening its readiness to launch an attack in Lebanon. Our obligation, mine, is to change the security situation in order to bring the residents home.”
In addition, according to reports, Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi and Shin Bet chief Ronen Bar met and approved plans for the continuation of the war on the southern front, together with South Command Maj. General Yaron Finkelman. Fighting continues in the southern Gaza Strip, with 98 Division fighters killing dozens of terrorists in a number of clashes, and in the northern Gaza Strip many Hamas operatives were killed by air strikes. Yesterday, the fall of Amisher Ben-David was published – , a resident of Ali and a cousin of the Finance Minister Smotrich, who mourned him: “An Beloved family man.”
On the diplomatic front, too, the campaign continues. In order to extract the negotiations from the stalemate they entered, the Mossad issued an unusual statement accusing Hamas of wanting to lead the situation to deteriorate during the month of Ramadan (which begins today; and on this note, a good and blessed month, and remember – ‘when Adar enters, scale up the happiness’). According to some reports, the Qatari leadership also blames Hamas for the stalemate, and even threatens to expel senior Hamas figures from its country. At the United Nations, Israeli pressure has led to a special Security Council discussion of the report on Hamas’s sexual crimes during October 7, with the expectation of harsh condemnation against Hamas – as long as they are not torpedoed by Russia or China.
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