Defeat of the extremists in New York primaries

Bowman. Wikipedia, Messiah Baptist Church

As with any two-party system, the Democratic Party includes a number of streams that are very distinct from each other. The two main current wings, which are apparent in contrasts in recent years, are the moderate democratic stream, with institutional orientation (represented by people such as President Biden, the Senate Majority Leader Schumer, etc.), and the extreme progressive stream, which has an anti-establishment orientation (represented in Congress today by the Squad – with representatives such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Talib).

The war in the Gaza Strip revealed the conflicting views between the intra-party streams regarding Israel – with the moderate stream constantly showing sympathy and support for Israel (along with a general desire to end the war), while the radical stream showed greater sympathy for the Palestinians, and even accused Israel of genocide. One of the most radical statements about the matter was said by Congressman Jamal Bowman, a district representative who controls a portion of Manhattan in the House of Representatives.

Bowman’s constituency is almost completely democratic, and therefore the elections are decided mainly in the framework of the internal-party primaries. The district has a large Jewish population, and for decades the district was represented by Elliott Engel, a pro-Israel Jew; but in 2020, with the momentum of the George Floyd protests, Bowman (Dr. of education of African-American decent) managed to defeat Engel in the primaries. At first, Bowman did not express extreme views, but over the years, his attitude toward Israel deteriorated as he approached the Squad, culminating in Israel’s accusations of genocide, boycotting President Herzog’s speech in Congress, and even denying some of Hamas’s actions on October 7.

In the primaries for the House of Representatives elections, which will take place in November parallel with the presidential elections, Bowman was up against businessman George Latimer, who represents the moderate stream. Latimer supports Israel, and is supported by the AIPAC lobby, which has invested a huge $15 million in Latimer’s campaign in the hope of defeating Bowman, making the campaign the most expensive in the history of the U.S. House of Representatives elections, while Bowman has also raised millions from progressive supporters across the country.

Ultimately, in the elections held on Tuesday, Latimer defeated Bowman by a majority of 60%. This constitutes a significant victory for supporters of Israel in New York and the United States as a whole, and gives hope that, like Bowman, the other extremists who have set themselves up on Hamas’s side will find out in the upcoming elections that they have gone too far and will pay an electoral price for it.







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