US House of Representatives Rejects Hamas Ministry of Health Figures

Credit: Wikipedia
The so-called Gaza Ministry of Health, which is really the voice of the terror organization Hamas, has been claiming outrageous undocumented death tolls of Palestinians as truth. These numbers, although proven false by staticians and the UN, are cited regularly on international media outlets. The US House of Representatives is taking steps to putting a stop to promoting these lies by preventing the State Department from using these numbers. The bill passed easily with strong bipartisan support.

US House passed an amendment that would prevent the State Department from citing the civilian figures that are provided by the Gaza Health Ministry which is run by the Hamas terror organization. The amendment was part of the annual State Department appropriations bills and was spearheaded by Democrat Jerod Moskowitz and co-sponsored by several Democrats and Republicans. The measure passed by an overwhelming majority of 269-144 with 62 Democrats and 207 Republicans voting in favor of it.

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