Vice President Kamala Harris speaks out about sexual violence endured by hostages and victims of the massacre

Vice President Kamala Harris offical picture
While many news outlets are publishing Hamas propoganda as news and are claiming that the Israeli hostages are treated well by Hamas, the true stories are being told.

Every hostage who has been released or rescued from Hamas’ captivity has shared the horror they have endured. There are also some survivors of October 7th who have spoken out about the terror and sexual violence that occurred during the massacre. Yesterday, at a White House event, former hostage Amit Soussana shared her terrifying story of fearing for her life and being sexually abused by Hamas captors. Vice President Kamala Harris said that she feared testimonies of sexual violence would only increase the more that hostages are released and those who are not back in Israel are sharing more about what happened. The event was held to highlight efforts to reduce conflict-related sexual violence around the world.

Similarly, Yoseph Haddad, an Arab-Israeli influencer and advocate for Israel explains how what we might have heard about the conditions of Hamas captivity on the international media is not true.

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