What other country facilitates humanitarian aid to those who seek its destruction?

Aid trucks entering Gaza from Israel. Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson
Although it seems counterintuitive to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza since approximately 80 percent is hijacked by Hamas, Israel's vicious enemy, for their survival and selling to Gazans at exorbitant rates, it must be done. Israel is fighting two wars, a war on the ground against a ruthless terror organization and a war in the media against the same organization. While Israel has severely weakened Hamas on the ground, Hamas is the clear victor in the media war. For this reason, and because Israel is certainly not interested in intentionally starving the Gaza population, the IDF is going to great lengths to facilitate the entry of large amounts of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Israel continues to provide large amounts of humanitarian aid to Gaza. Hamas will do their best to prevent the aid from going to the civilians, including shooting them at close range as has been caught on video many times, and manage to convince the world community that Israel is to blame. Nevertheless, Israel will persist with sending in the aid. Those who accuse Israel in the ICC and ICJ of intentionally starving the Gazan population, would use their energy more wisely to put the blame for food insecurity on Hamas, not Israel. Here are the IDF’s statistics this week.

IDF: Weekly Summary of Ongoing Humanitarian Efforts: 1,858 trucks Entered via the Kerem Shalom and Erez West Crossings, Including 760 Egyptian trucks and Over Half a Million Liters of Fuel and Diesel This week, the IDF via the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) Unit, continued its efforts to facilitate the passage of hundreds of humanitarian aid trucks transferring supplies of food, water, medical equipment and shelter equipment for the residents of Gaza. Accordingly, this week a total of 1,858 humanitarian aid trucks were inspected and transferred into the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom Crossing of the Ministry of Defense’s Land Crossing Authority and the Erez West Crossing, following security checks. In accordance with the directive of the government of Israel and in coordination with the U.S. government, Egyptian trucks began crossing into the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom Crossing this week, with a total of 764 Egyptian trucks transferred into Gaza. This week, 312 flour trucks were transferred on behalf of the WFP organization in order to provide supplies for the organization’s bakery activities throughout the Gaza Strip. In addition, as part of the operation of essential humanitarian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, including hospitals and shelters, 13 tankers containing over 500,000 liters of fuel and diesel were transferred. 124 Jordanian trucks containing humanitarian supplies were also transferred to the Gaza Strip this week as part of the total number of trucks that entered Gaza. The IDF will continue its efforts to allow humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza Strip by land, air and sea in accordance with international law.

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