Fighting for us: two Israeli soldiers were killed in a car ramming attack, one fell in Gaza

Cheif of Staff assesses situation in Rafah. Photo: IDF Spokesperson
Advances against Hamas in Rafah: A kilometer and a half long tunnel was destroyed in Rafah. Chief of Staff: "Completely dismantling Hamas is a national mission"

Three Israeli soldiers fell on Wednesday; the terrorist from the car-ramming attack turned himself in to the Palestinian Authority.

The IDF spokesman allowed the publication of the names of three IDF fallen soldiers. The late Sergeant Yedidia Azougi, 21 years old from the town of Rabva, a fighter in the 101st Battalion of the Paratroopers Brigade, was killed in battle in the north of the Gaza Strip.

The other two, the late Sgt. Eliya Hillel, 20 years old from Tel Zion, a fighter in the Nachshon Battalion in the Kafir Brigade, and the late Sgt. Diego Shvisha Harsaj, 20 years old from Tel Aviv, a fighter in the Nachshon Battalion in the Kafir Brigade – were killed in a car-ramming attack near Shechem (Nablus). May their memories be a blessing. Israeli’s have started adding, “May we live our lives in a way that is worthy of the sacrifice they made for us.”

The terrorist who carried out the ramming attack fled back into the city. Large IDF forces were rushed to the area immediately, roadblocks were set up and a hunt for the terrorist began. A verified report was received that the terrorist turned himself in to the Palestinian security forces.

Also, in the same battle in which the late Sergeant Yedidia Azugi fell, a soldier from the 101st Battalion of the Paratrooper Brigade was seriously injured. In addition, two soldiers from the 601st Battalion of the Combat Engineering Corps were seriously wounded in the battle in the southern Gaza Strip.

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