Behind the scenes of the rescue: a close look at MDA activity in the attack in Carmiel

Photo Credit: Spokesperson Magaen David Adom
Despite the tragic attack at the Carmiel outdoor shopping mall, the quick and professional response of the rescue forces demonstrated the readiness and dedication of the emergency teams in Israel. David Basudo, a senior medic in the MDA with 30 years of experience, arrived at the scene within a minute and led the rescue efforts and saved lives. Exclusive interview.

A stabbing attack took place yesterday (Wednesday) at the outdoor mall in Carmiel, during which the 19-year-old soldier Alexander Yakiminski of Manhariya was murdered. The terrorist stabbed two soldiers on the second floor of the mall; Alexander and his friend who tried to neutralize him. Alexander was mortally wounded and died in the hospital in Nahariya despite resuscitation efforts. He served as a heavy truck driver in the 71st Battalion of the 188th Brigade.

David Basudo, an emergency medicine medic at the MDA was among the first to arrive at the scene of the attack. David, a senior medic at the MDA for 30 years, lives in Carmiel and works near the Hutzot Carmiel Mall where the serious attack took place.

In an interview we had with him, he told about the difficult incident “I was the first ambulance to arrive at the incident. We went up to the second floor, we saw two soldiers and a civilian lying on the floor, the civilian (the terrorist) shot. I approached the soldiers, both stabbed in the upper body. One was conscious and wounded seriously, one unconscious, mortally wounded. We started giving them treatment, stopping bleeding, CPR, until the forces arrived and we started evacuating them towards the hospital, we didn’t see much beyond.”

David points out that they train all the time and are always on high alert. “I left work and went straight to the event and we arrived and started treating,” he said. “We are on maximum alert all the time, there are no ambulances at the stations, they are all at people’s homes. That is the situation; I have been attached to the ambulance for several months. In terms of deploying forces, we are in a wide deployment, we do training all the time. The situation in the north is not easy, you know, MDAs rushes to every event, sometimes the teams also get involved. We are on standby all the time,” he shared.

Thanks to the vigilance and preparedness of which David says, the second wounded man received quick treatment – the many rescue forces, including the MDA, went straight to the scene of the attack, “The second wounded man is in good condition, not determined to be serious – due to the immediate treatment he received,” he said when he recalled the provision of medical treatment after the attack.
“One minute after the call I was there,” he noted.

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