Fire exchanges and a pier: News from all fronts

the Pier building.

Intense security activity continues on all borders of Israel. In the north, Hezbollah is responding to the assassination of Hussein Maqi, one of the senior members of the southern region of the terrorist organization. Yesterday, dozens of missiles were fired at the air control base at the summit of Mount Meron, and this morning it was permitted to announce that an explosive drone struck a sensitive Israeli military site, the ‘Tal Shamaim’ compound, where the huge IDF air balloon is located near the Golani junction. In response, the IDF attacked a precision missile site deep in Lebanon. This morning, too, the exchange of fire continued, with dozens of rockets fired at towns and villages near the border, and IDF air and artillery attacks.

In Judea and Samaria, the security forces continue extensive operations to prevent terror attacks. Last night, two Palestinians were arrested in the village of Bani Na’im near Hebron in possession of a large amount of illegal weapons. This morning, an attempted terror attack was carried out near Huwara (south of Nablus), and an IDF worker was moderately wounded by stabbing while in his car. The injured man is treated and is not in danger, and the IDF forces are conducting a hunt for the terrorist.
In Gaza, IDF forces continue to operate in Rafah in the south and Jabaliya in the north with full force. The battle points are located near the three border crossings used to transport goods and people from and to the population – Erez Crossing, Rafah Crossing, and Kerem Shalom Crossing. The issue is under the magnifying glass of international criticism, which presses to make humanitarian aid accessible to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip. To address the issue, the IDF, in cooperation with the American army, recently completed the construction of the floating pier that was installed near the Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City. The pier will be used to bring goods by sea in a simple manner, with Israeli supervision (to prevent smuggling) and to prevent the need for foreign forces to enter the Gaza Strip in order to carry out the transfer of goods.

At the same time, the Nahal Brigade finished its raid on the Zeitun neighborhood in the western part of Gaza City (not far from the designated location for the floating pier). The raid ended with relative success, with dozens of killed terrorists and the confiscation of many weapons from Hamas. A lot of humanitarian equipment was found in the terrorists’ warehouses, proving once again Hamas’ control over the distribution of aid and the need to harm its governmental capabilities. The IDF’s assessment is that there will be a need to return to additional rounds in the Zeitun neighborhood, perhaps in the near future.

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