Foreign reports: An Israeli attack on Iran

Nasrallah and khamenei. Wikipedia

According to the media outlets worldwide, during the past night there was an attack on military sites used by the Iranian Air Force near Isfahan, a town in the western part of the country – and not far from one of the main nuclear sites of the Islamic Republic. Initial reports indicate a combined attack by aircraft, drones and missiles (all of which may have operated outside Iranian territory); according to the Iranian government, air defence systems were activated, and no significant damage was caused. In addition, there are fragments of reports of attacks on Syrian soil, as well as Iraq – an arena in which Israel has not yet acted in this war (leaving it to the American army).

The attack is attributed to Israel, which maintains ambiguity on the matter, as of this time (except for statements by a number of Knesset members, and senior officials who apparently did not participate in the decision-making process); This is, of course, in response to the Iranian attack on Israel that took place last Saturday – when Iran launched hundreds of missiles and drones at Israel (in response to the assassination of a senior IRGC official in an attack in Syria – of which Israel also did not take official responsibility). Most of the world’s countries, including close allies, have pressured Israel not to respond to the Iranian attack; but the Israeli leadership has made it clear that not responding to such an attack would be an unimaginable blow to Israel’s deterrence capability (despite the great success in blocking the attack), and that it will happen – sooner or later. If the attribution is true, then this is a significant and courageous move on the part of Israel.

If this is indeed an Israeli attack, it was preceded by a very successful strategic fraud – with media reports in the last few days of a postponement of the attack after the Passover holiday (similar to Iran’s rejection of its attack after Ramadan), or a deal that Netanyahu closed with Biden regarding approval for the action in Rafah in exchange for non-action against Iran. In addition, the timing of the attack is very precise – Ali Khamenei’s 85th birthday, the Supreme Leader of Iran over the past 35 years, and one of the people who caused Israel the greatest cumulative damage in its history. Let us hope that Khamenei is happy with his birthday gift – the first foreign attack on Iranian soil since the 80s.

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