Huge lawsuit against Iran by relatives of the victims

On Wednesday A billion-dollar lawsuit was filed in a federal court in Washington D.C. against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The plaintiffs, 66 Israeli-Americans who were hurt in the October 7 attacks or are first-degree relatives of an American who was murdered, injured or abducted, demand significant compensation for the physical and mental harm caused to them.

In order to convict Iran of this judicial instance, it would be necessary to prove a direct connection between Iran and the 7.10 events. This is certainly possible, with the recent events of the war only proving how much the Iranians constitute an ‘octopus’ with arms and terrorist proxies throughout the Middle East, in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and the PA. Iran has backed Hamas and the IPJ, the dominant terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, for a long time, and helped them with money and arms smuggling. At the moment there is no proof that Iran is the one who ordered the terrorist attack, in which 1,200 Israelis were murdered, to be carried out; but there is a very significant suspicion of its involvement in the planning, mainly because of Hamas’s surprising intelligence capabilities in choosing times and destinations – that indicate foreign aid.

If the Iranians are convicted and charged with compensation, of course, it is impossible to expect the Iranian government to see itself subject to pay in accordance with an American court ruling. The practice in such a situation is the confiscation of assets belonging to one country located in the other. The problem is that the Iranians have long been without assets in the US itself, due to previous boycotts; but fortunately, the law firms representing the victims, Kevin Emanuel & Orkohart and Sullivan, specialize in implementing American judgments in other countries, such as in Europe, so that the money will eventually reach its destination. It is also important to note that the offices are representing the victims for free. The process is expected to take years, but its real purpose is not actual money but constitutional responsibility, and the moral stain that will remain forever in Iran because of its involvement in terrorism and its actions in this war.

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