Khan Yunis: Underground Terror

Division 98, which is currently maneuvering in the city of Khan Yunis, located in the southern Gaza Strip, and in the refugee camps and surrounding villages, is increasing its activities by the day. The division is led by Brigadier General Dan Goldfus, and operates tirelessly above and below the ground. According to figures published by the division, more than 300 tunnel shafts have been found during the fighting, of which over 100 were destroyed. By comparison, New York’s entire underground subway system has 470 stations; it turns out that throughout the years, Hamas has operated an almost similar infrastructure project under the entire Gaza Strip, but not to benifet the population – just for terror.

IDF Spokesman, Brigadier General Daniel Hagari, said that in one of the tunnels in Khan Yunis, evidence of Israeli abductees holding in the not-too-distant past had been found . “They were kidnapped in harsh conditions. We have put international reporters there today to expose the world to the crimes committed by Hamas against humanity,” Hagari told Israeli reporters.

Today, CNN released a documentary on the tunnel that Hagari spoke about, in which Goldoffs gave a tour to a team of American reporters: This is a tunnel 20 meters deep, with many infrastructure such as electricity, water, a ventilation system and other services. Goldfus also presented the reporters with small dungeon-like cells, in which Israeli abductees were kept in cages. The tunnel connects to other routes under Khan Yunis, and to a whole network of terror that operated under the Gaza Strip.

Today, a hearing opened at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, in which Israel is accused of war crimes and genocide in a multitude of unfounded arguments, without proof and with vast ignorance. The world and the court need only turn their eyes to Khan Yunis, Khan Yunis that lays bellow, to understand who is committing war crimes and who is fighting an unparalleled just and moral war.

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