Our representative at the Olympics: A Gold for Sharon Cantor

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This summer, the Olympics are expected to take place in Paris, and in Israel, suitable candidates are already being selected in every catagory. There are branches in which it is quite clear who will be the representative – in gymnastics, for example, Artyom Dolgofiat, the previous Olympic champion who is still at the height of his power, will obviously be selected again. But one of the most difficult branches to choose from is wind surfing, specifically women wind surfing. Israel has three amazing athletes in this field, but the country only has one place in the competition. The three athletes have real potential for a medal: Shahar Tibi, who won the world championship last year; Kathy Spackov, who has won the second place for several years; and Sharon Cantor, a promising 21-year-old young athlete.

The moment of decision came at the World Wind Surfing Championships, which took place in the last few days in the Canary Islands of the Atlantic Ocean. The championship was dramatic and tense, when Tibi was eliminated in the quarter-finals. Spitchkov and Cantor reached the final (multiplayer in this field) from a disadvantage, but initiative and courage from Cantor brought her the first place, while Spitchkov had to settle for the third place – a respectable achievement by all accounts. In the end, the final podium was held by two Israelis, a force multiplier and a national honor multiplier; and the 21-year-old cantor from Moshacv Avihil of the Sharon will be the one to represent us in Paris.

“This is something very important these days,” Cantor said in an interview after the win, “this is the contribution I can make, representing our country with the utmost respect and showing everyone what we are worth. It fills me with pride to hold the Israeli flag.”

What about the men? In the corresponding competition, Tom Reuvani managed to finish in eighth place – although not enough for a title, enough for obtaining a ticket to represent the Olympics. In addition, it is worth noting that Kantor is trained by Shahar Tzoubari – a professional surfer who represented Israel in many competitions in the past, and even won a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

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