Preparations and Readiness in the IDF

The Iranian Revolutionary gaurd. Wikipedia, muhammed Heydari

On Monday, a precise aerial strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus led to the death of at least 13 people and military operatives, including Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahdi, commander of the Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon. The Quds Force, as remembered, is an operational arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, whose role is to “export” the revolution outside of Iran’s borders. As part of this role, Zahdi was responsible for funding and transferring arms to Hezbollah in Lebanon, and of the Iranian attempts to establish itself in the civil-war-torn Syria over the past decade – functions that threatened Israel very much on its northern front.

Israel did not take official responsibility for the attack, which was attributed to it by the global media, and by the Iranian leadership. This is a difficult blow for Iran in general and the Quds Force in particular, and without a doubt the most significant hit to the Iranian forces since the assassination of Qassem Soleimani in early 2020. The Iranian regime promised to take revenge on Israel “in the right place and at the right time.” This action may well take place in the coming days, and more precisely tomorrow (Friday) – which is the Iranian “Jerusalem Day,” a special identification day that the Iranian regime has been leading for years on the last Friday of Ramadan to identify with the Palestinians and to emphasize its commitment to the struggle against Israel, which has been characterized by the intensification of terrorist events for many years.

The Israeli security system hasn’t closed its eyes in the face of this threat, and in recent days there has been a certain increase in alert among IDF forces, which is also evident in the broader than usual reserve mobilization for the air defence systems (when the concern is that there is a possibility of direct Iranian attack from Iranian soil and not by a proxy), And also in the ‘Departure Stop’ that was declared in combat units in various parts of the country. The cabinet is expected to meet this evening, and later today Prime Minister Netanyahu is expected to speak with President Biden by phone, after (according to reports) American intelligence agencies have warned their Israeli partners that the possibility of an Iranian response appears more real than ever.

A strong Iranian response could drag Israel into a serious escalation in the face of the greatest of its enemies, and raise the current war on several levels, which will be reflected in all spheres of life for Israeli citizens. Israel prefers to deter Iran, but is certainly prepared for any scenario. As Defence Minister Galant said: “We need to be prepared and ready for any scenario… We will know how to protect the citizens of Israel and how to attack our enemies.”

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