The war situation: playing with the pressure

An Israeli zeke. Wikipedia

In the past day, the war on the northern front has reached new levels of intensity, after Hezbollah managed to shoot down an Israeli ‘Zeke’ drone over Lebanese territory. In response, Israel carried out a series of attacks around the Baqa’a, more than 100 kilometres from the Israeli border, and the farthest attacks in the war (published to date). Hezbollah responded by firing dozens of missiles at the Golan Heights, focusing on Naphach camp.

In response, Israel carried out a targeted attack in the town of Majdal (near Tyre) in the afternoon, eliminating Hassan Salami, one of Hezbollah’s ‘Hajar’ Brigade commanders, who had been responsible for firing numerous anti-tank missiles into Israel since the outbreak of the war, which led to many casualties. This morning, Hezbollah responded with an intense barrage toward Mount Meron, and toward the IDF post on its summit. The IDF responded with aerial bombardment, the details of which have not yet been published. The equation of action-response against Hezbollah is increasing in its level and strength.

At the same time, in the Gaza Strip, IDF forces continue to operate with great force. Division 401 is operating In the Zitun neighbourhood, and has killed dozens of terrorists in recent days, and destroyed the remaining terrorist infrastructures. Many of the residents of the ‘Otef’ are expected to return to their homes soon, and the IDF is working to minimize the military threat left by Hamas as much as possible. At the same time, many reports from the foreign media and the US administration suggest that Israel and Hamas are on the verge of agreeing to another hostage deal after Hamas defrosted some of its positions in the face of military and civilian pressure.

Yesterday, the media stormed through an issue that the censor allowed to publish about the night before the war: A Indicator that aroused suspicion in IDF intelligence that night, identifying dozens of Israeli SIM cards activated in the Gaza Strip, which could be a sign of an intention to operate in the territory of Israel (in order to maintain cellular capabilities outside the Gaza Strip). The suspicion did not raise an alarm because it was not an exceptional event in itself, but only in its scope – in addition to other signs, according to the IDF and the Shin Bet. In any case, it is better not to try to blame different elements now based on fragments of partial intelligence information; the intelligence world is complex and multifaceted, and sometimes logic simply does not work in it, usually for the better.

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