A foodtruck of Joy in Memory of Elkana Spaz

Elkana Spaz, 25 years old, was a reserve soldier and a resident of Kiryat Arba; he was killed along with 20 of his friends in the collapse of the buildings in al-Maghazi, which took place three weeks ago (on 22/01). Elkana was exempted in principle from military service, but insisted on joining and contributing – and specifically to a combat unit. Even in the years after the service he continued to come to the reserves, and in this war he participated almost from the very beginning. “The most powerful man I’ve ever known,” said his brother Reuven, “a simple, smiling, funny man. You only wanted to make your loved ones happy.”

The Spaz family is now trying to perpetuate This extroverted joy, which has so characterized Alkana, with the help of a special project. The project brings together two of Elkana’s great loves – to make people laugh and rejoice eachother on the one hand, and a great affection in the culinary field on the other – cooking, creating and engaging in the preparation of food as a whole. Elkana inherited these two loves from his father, who immigrated to Israel from France with his wife and family 32 years ago, 7 years before the birth of Elkana; the family left behind a successful business, and opened a restaurant in Israel, which aims to make people happy and to connect ends.

Elkana dreamed of creating a foodtruck (a small traveling truck with food stalls) for soldiers, in which he could drive between bases around the country in routine and emergency, and create fine food that would raise a smile and connect people. Now, the Spaz family is trying to acquire a foodtruck that will be driven by the family’s father, who will use it on trips around the country and fulfill Elkana’s destiny. With every meal distributed to every hungry soldier, Elkana’s legacy will continue in this world, and every soldier’s smile here will make him smile there, too.

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