A hurricane of a performance: Israel has reached the Eurovision final

Eden Golan. Wikipedia

Last night, the semi-final of the European song competition was held in Malmo, Sweden. The Israeli representative, Eden Golan, performed her chosen song “Hurricane,” and managed to secure Israel’s place among the 10 countries that are advancing to the next level (out of 16). Golan’s performance was almost perfect and gives hope of good achievements in the final stage of the competition, which will take place on Saturday night.

In contrast to Golan’s general rehearsal, in which the booing applause from pro-Palestinian groups in the audience stood out (we should mention that Malmo is a city with a Muslim minority, which almost constitutes a majority; The Israeli defence establishment issued an official warning against Israeli travels to the Swedish city, which is a mark of disgrace for an advanced Western country such as Sweden), this time mainly the positive applauses to Golan’s successful performance were heard, which grew stronger as the song progressed. Outside the concert hall, too, there were extensive pro-Palestinian demonstrations, in which Greta Thunberg, who was prominent in the global fight against climate change, appeared to accidentally become a partner in the fight for promoting the cause terrorist organizations.

What are Israel’s chances of winning the contest? Well, (as we described here yesterday), Israel has an advantage in the fact that pro-Israel activists in Europe are able to express their position more strongly than pro-Palestinians in the scoring stage. The gambling sites, which are considered the final authority on such issues, also promoted Israel from the seventh place to the second place. That is, there is a reasonable basis for optimism about ending at the top three, and the great believers can even hope for the first place (although the song of the Croats may overshadow ours). In any case, Eden Golan herself is optimistic, and this is the main thing: “Am Israel Chai… It was so important for me to represent our country with dignity.”

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