A Large IDF operation in Nur-a-Shams

Photo source: IDF website

Despite the military warming against the Iranians, and the organizations in preparation for the long-awaited maneuver in Rafah, the IDF proves once again that it can maintain practical simultaneity – by carrying out the largest operation seen in the West Bank since the beginning of the war, in the Nur-Shams refugee camp in western Samaria, near Tul-karem.

The operation involves many forces, including elite units, police SWAT, and other infantry battalions, with intelligence and operational cooperation with the Shin Bet and Military Intelligence. The forces are commanded by the Judea and Samaria division, under Brigadier General Yaki Dolph, who is leading the forces on the ground – and even revealed yesterday himself an explosive laboratory for the manufacture of charges intended for attacks against IDF forces and civilian targets.

In the refugee camp, the Islamic Jihad’s Tul-karem battalion is based, which began to raise its head in the months before the war and turn the camp into one of the main points of friction for the IDF forces. So far, the forces have killed at least 15 terrorists, including Muhammad Jabbar, who is officially the commander of the GAP battalion. In addition, the forces confiscated a large number of weapons, detonated IEDs and exposed explosive laboratories. Many other terrorists were injured, and 8 wanted terrorists were arrested and taken for interrogation in Israeli territory. So far, there are only 10 wounded in our forces, light and medium.

So far, during the war, more than 400 terrorists have been killed in Judea and Samaria. The IDF is able to prevent a large flare-up of terror, or even the risk of an intifada, even though all circumstances are directed against it – with the multi-front war, the reports from Gaza, the numerous assassinations and arrests, the severe damage to the Palestinian economy, and the increasing incitement in the networks. the IDF even managed to survive the month of Ramadan, which was a potential boiling point, without a flare-up – and so did it past the riots after the terror attack in which 14-year-old Benjamin Ahimeir was killed. It seems that such strong operations certainly bring about achievements and effectiveness in the campaign against terrorism.

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