A new American arms deal with Israel

Above the table, it may have seemed to many that Israel’s relations with its American ally were on a downhill trend – in view of diplomatic friction, UN votes that had developed not necessarily for Israel’s benefit (although symbolic), criticisms that are heard more frequently by the United States, And even threats against carrying out certain military operations, such as entering Rafah on the ground, coming from the highest ranking American officials. But under the table, it seems that the American commitment to Israel remains steadfast – and this is reflected in another major purchase deal approved by the American administration for Israel.

In the new deal, US President Biden approved the delivery of several thousand precision-guided and “advanced” bombs to Israel in different large weights, used by fighter jets, as well as several F-35s. The deal continues the line of purchases approved by the US administration for Israel during the first months of the war, which are supposed to largely cover Israel’s security needs till the end of the decade.

This transaction was signed and approved in a “secret” manner, and publications about it were not accepted in the usual method. This may be due to Biden’s interest in maintaining the “friction” display with Israel, in order to please pro-Palestinian sections in his party. Several Democratic and White House officials have expressed support for Biden’s conduct, although some have argued that America should take advantage of this opportunity to intervene more heavily in the war’s management, and even to condition the aid on approvals of Israel’s military moves with the United States. Such a demand would impair Israel’s ability to win the war, and advance the American interest, and not the Israeli one. But within the medium, the Israeli government expresses its agreement to consult with the Americans before substantive steps, as expressed in the sending of a recent delegation to discuss the activity in Rafah, that is favourably approaching us (despite the initial Netanyahu statement regarding its cancellation after the Americans refrained from vetoing in Israel’s favor at the Security Council last week).

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