Battle days in the Gaza Strip: Sergeant Uri Yitzhak Hadad has fallen in Rafah


The IDF continues to operate in full force in the Gaza Strip, with the 162nd division operating in Rafah in the south. On Monday afternoon, the IDF published about the fall of a fighter from the 931st Battalion of the brigade: Sergeant Uri Yitzhak Hadad, 21, from Be’er Sheva. In the same incident, another soldier in the battalion, who was taken to the hospital for further medical treatment, was seriously injured.

“The city of Be’er Sheva mourns the fall of the late Sergeant Uri Yitzhak Hadad, a fighter in the 931st Battalion, the Nahal Brigade, in a battle in the southern Gaza Strip,” the Mayor of Be’er Sheva, Rubik Danilovich, eulogized. “We bow our heads and share in the deep sorrow of his family and loved ones. The funeral will take place today at 19:00, at the military cemetery on Mount Herzl.”

At the same time, in the northern Gaza Strip, Division 98 continues its activities to cut Hamas’ attempt to re-establish itself in the Shajaiya neighborhood: A few hours ago, the IDF announced that dozens of airstrikes carried out in the past day had killed many terrorists, and that our forces on the ground had put their hands on a large amount of weapons used by the terrorist organizations. In Rafah and in the central Gaza Strip, too, a successful closure of air and land forces was carried out, and within minutes of the time of the fighters’ reports of an attack against them, an aerial vehicle arrived that successfully ended the story.

In Khan Yunis, residents posted on networks that the IDF had asked them to evacuate their homes, which may indicate that the IDF’s response to the barrage carried out from the city’s areas toward the Otef communities in the morning will receive a designated response.

In the center of the Gaza Strip, the IDF Spokesperson published a special documentation of the destruction of a terror tunnel that was used by Hamas during the fighting, and in an attempt to move people from the northern Gaza Strip to the south or vice versa (avoiding the Netzarim corridor held by the IDF above it). Many secondary explosions were observed, indicating that there were large amounts of weapons inside the tunnel.

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