Battle in the North: Escalation is increasing and southerning

Attack in Lebanon. IDF spokesman

The last day (Saturday-Sunday) saw an increase in the intensity of the shooting on the northern front, in distance, quality and quantity. Alarms have been heard almost continuously in various locations since the morning; Hezbollah’s firing has become more powerful – and some of its targets appear to be heading further south than the area in which the organization has operated so far, i.e., from Route 89 towards Route 85.

Hezbollah carried out Burqan attacks – a high-weight rocket with a large amount of explosives with the potential for the greatest damage. Two Burkans were launched at the Gibor Camp in Kiryat Shmona, the base of Brigade 769, which is in charge of the eastern Galilee, and caused significant damage. Hostile aircraft and drones appeared over many communities continuously, including in Acre; UAVs that crashed in the Golan, along with rocket barrages, led to a large and powerful fire in the Katzrin area, which the fire forces have not yet gained control over. In addition, an IDF drone was shot down in Lebanon yesterday by a ground-to-air missile.

Of course, the IDF hasn’t left the situation unanswered – during the night, fighter planes attacked many Hezbollah targets in the Beqa’a area, in addition to headquarters in various cities in south Lebanon. In the afternoon, the IDF attacked a vehicle in the city of Hala, in which two terrorist operatives were killed; and in the late afternoon, the IDF published a record of a attack of a terrorist that entered an arms depot in the area of Miss a-Jabel, in which secondary explosions were observed, indicating the destruction of the weapons. In the past week, the army carried out an exercise to prepare for the campaign in the northern arena, in which regular and reserve soldiers participated, led by Division 36, which had finished operating in the Gaza Strip in February, and since then has been assigned to the northern front. The IDF is ready as a folded spring for deterioration and escalation on the northern front, and will take advantage of any development against Hizbullah.

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