Courage and victory in the Hasbara campaign

Wikipedia, Nizzan Cohen

In the months since the Hamas attack on Oct 7th, there has been a difficult and historical Hasbara campaign accusing the perpetrators of sexual violence against Israeli victims, especially Israeli women. The problem is that most of the victims are no longer among the living, and the scenes of the event were frequently altered battlefields, so that evidence is almost never left; only eyewitness and hearing evidence can be relied upon from survivors and fighters. For most of us, this is sufficient evidence, and many investigations into Hamas crimes have been published around the world; but of course, Israel’s enemies tend to drop the charges, or do their best to refute them. An example of this could have been found only two days ago, when an international newspaper published an investigation into October 7 photage that allegedly refutes evidence of sexual violence given by a paramedic at one of the arenas.

But yesterday, Amit Susana, who was kidnapped by Hamas for a month and a half and was released as part of the last hostage deal, went out to the light with her truth: In a comprehensive interview with The New York Times, Susana bravely recounted the sexual abuse she endured from her captors while she was in Gaza. We will not elaborate on the details of the testimony, and anyone interested in reading all of Amit’s story is welcome to search for them online; but we will emphasize that they unequivocally indicate that our hostages in the Gaza Strip undergo psychological, physical and sexual terrorism, and clarify the need for their release and return to Israel as soon as possible. According to Brigadier General Daniel Hagari, the IDF Spokesperson: “This is our moral duty and that of the entire world, and it is not shaken or forgotten for a single moment.”

There is no doubt that this is a serious distortion in our present world, in which hundreds of dead and murdered are dwarfed by consciousness compared to one case of rape or sexual violence. But this is the face of the international arena, and this is the reality in which we must play. Earlier this week, Israel was able to refute the Al Jazeera network’s false accusation of sexual violence by IDF soldiers during the actions at Shifa Hospital, and now, thanks to Susana’s courage, Israel has finally proven strongly Hamas’s institutionalized sexual violence against Israel. Our cause is right, the enemy will be defeated; victory will be with us.

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